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Hawaiian hula by "Kalua"; Given the name "Kalua" by kumu hula (instructor) "Nani Kai". Kalua brings her 20 years of Polynesian dance experience to the Bay Area with exciting performances which include traditional hulas, oteas, and aparimas, as well as retro/vintage "Hollywood" classics from the "silver screne/jet set" era. Whether you choose a short 15 min "Hula Gram" for an anniversary party luau, or a full hour show featuring the beautiful 'TIKI GIRLS" (2-4 dancers are subject to availability), performances include colorful costumes straight from the islands, multiple costume changes, as well as optional hula lessons and comical 'DRESS-UP-THE-GUYS AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION! Fire Fans or Palm Torches included in shows upon request (subject to conditions and locations).

Someone special celebrating a birthday? Kalua enters to music with authentic feather gourds, and sings "Happy Birthday" in Hawaiian! She cannot leave without giving a "gift flower lei"…because EVERYONE DESERVES A GOOD LEI ON THEIR BIRTHDAY!

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